Associational thinking takes unrelated ideas and restructures them in novel ways. It’s responsible for innovations from the theory of dinosaur extinction to Pinterest’s groundbreaking layout. So how do you apply this principle to your business? Creativity is often regarded as an elusive concept, especially the kind that results in innovations that draw new boundaries of human possibility. Business teams can increase their own odds of innovation by exposing members to unrelated or tangential stimuli. Here are some ways enterprising companies are finding ways to bolster creativity: Hire and Play. Teach and Learn. Work and surf. Your Turn Find one opportunity each month to expose your team to a fresh paradigm or milieu. 3 Ideas For Cultivating Creativity At Work. Carve out sufficient time to lead a relaxed discussion during or after the stimuli, in which to uncover new connections between your team’s existing knowledge base and the “X factor” you have introduced.

6 Ideas to Cultivate Workplace Culture

6 Ideas to Cultivate Workplace CultureWorkplace culture and employee morale are basic ideas which need to be stressed upon. If you are an entrepreneur and running an organization with regular employees onboard, it is imperative to concentrate on certain traits which are slightly less materialistic. Although growing the clientele, tracking company sales and planning marketing strategies should still be on your priority list, without bankable workplace culture, an organization can only tread a finite distance. Read more here: 6 Ideas to Cultivate Workplace Culture. Here are 6 effective ways to cultivate company culture, which will help retain the best employees while keeping them happy. To be precise, workplace culture is indicative of the how the employees feel within the company— regardless of appraisals, motivation and even flexible working hours.

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