5 Scary Cybersecurity Business Threats in 2016. The cyber and security landscape is in a constant state of evolution and the race between cyber guardians and cyber criminals has been heating up dramatically over the course of the last year says Fortinet (www.fortinet.com) global security strategist Derek Manky. Over 20 billion devices are expected to be connected in the next four years alone, forcing individuals and organizations to face an exponentially expanding attack surface, bound to a borderless cyberspace. The consequences of falling behind, by all kinds of companies small or large, in this race can be catastrophic and have elevated the discussion of cybersecurity to the boardroom. This is a complex scenario, and complexity is the enemy of security.

5 Scary Cybersecurity Business Threats

5 Scary Cybersecurity Business ThreatsIn the coming year, hackers will launch increasingly sophisticated attacks on everything from critical infrastructure to medical devices: Headless worms, machine-to-machine attacks, jailbreaking, ghostware and two-faced malware: The language of cybersecurity incites a level of fear that seems appropriate, given all that’s at stake. These predictions will provide an historical overview of the evolving threat landscape, reveal the new trends and strategies that researchers anticipate cyber criminals will employ in the year to come. Here’s how the 2016 threat landscape looks to some experts:

Cybersecurity Business Threats in 2016

Cybersecurity Business  & Company Threats in 2016

  1. The Rise of Machine-to-Machine Attacks
  2. Headless Worms Target Headless Devices
  3. Jailbreaking the Cloud in 2016
  4. Ghostware Conceals Indicators of Compromise
  5. Two-Faced Malware & Sandbox

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