9 Internet of Things (IoT) Examples and Uses. (IOT) applications has been tipped as the next level of software and hardware integration for more than 3 years now. Reports suggest there will be 25 billion internet-connected things by 2020 and more and more companies investing and making an impact in smart technology. And the recent hype about the future prospects of IoT has forced companies to take the initiative of coming up with basic building blocks of internet of things i.e. hardware, software and support to enable developers deploy applications that can connect anything within scope of internet of things. Let us look at some of these use cases.

Internet of Things (IoT) Examples

Internet of Things (IoT) ExamplesSmart Home Application: A smart home is the one in which the devices have the capability to communicate with each other. Philips Hue-Smart Home Lighting: What is the real potential of internet of things applications for designing smart homes is aptly projected by Philips Hue. The same hue bulb gives you 600 to 800 color lumens which mean there is a light for every mood of yours. It is compatible with known smart home platforms like HomeKit for Apple iPhone and Amazon Echo. Wearables Application: Wearables are one of the hottest trends in IoT currently. Motorola Moto 360 Sport. It’s time to get your healthy space personalized even without your smart phone. Motorola Moto 360 Sport is designed with this fact in mind. It delivers all the important information that you need from your phone directly. Available in men’s and women’s collection you will hardly run out of choice with this. It supports both Android as well as iOS apps. Retail Application: The potential of IoT in the retail sector is enormous. Smart Retail Solution. TCIs’ Smart Retail Solution is based on innovative software, reliable wireless devices and ePOS Stations. Known as one of the best smart retailing solutions in the market it is powered by the Yourcegid Retail management software. Automating complex interactions of multiple sources, collecting important consumer data, creating alerts for errors on time and monitoring staff activities, Smart Retail Solution avoids costly mistakes and maximizes capital of resources.

Internet Of Things(IoT) Applications For Smart Cities:
Smart surveillance, safer and automated transportation, smarter energy management systems. Libelium-Metiora Smart Parking Sigfox Kit. Libelium has launch a new Smart Parking solution for Smart Cities that allows citizens to detect available parking spots. The new surface parking device – with LoRaWAN and Sigfox- features smaller size, higher accuracy and faster time of detection facilitating lower installation costs.

IoT Applications In healthcare:
Healthcare is one sector which is supposed to be highly boosted with advent of internet of things applications. Philips’ Medication Dispensing Service. Philips is one of those tech giants which are making full use of internet of things opportunities available for business. Medication Dispensing Service is one of the most successful IoT healthcare applications from Philips. Focused around elderly patients who find it difficult to maintain their medication dosage on their own, MDS dispenses pre-filled cups as per the scheduled dosage. It notifies automatically when it’s time to take medicine, refill, and malfunctioning or misses dosage.

IoT Applications In Agriculture:
Agriculture sector needs very institutive as well as highly scalable technology solutions. The OpenIoT Phenonet Project. The Phenonet Project is designed to help farmers monitor crucial vitals like humidity, air temperature and soil quality using remote sensors. This project helps farmers to improve the yield, plan irrigation as well as make harvest forecasts. It is also helpful for biologists to study the effect of genome and microclimate on crop production.

IoT Applications in Automotive/Transportation:
Google’s self driving cars are known to all. IoT is making connected cars a possibility but slowly. Latest Locomotive From GE. The latest GE Evolution Series Tier 4 Locomotive is loaded with 250 sensors to measure staggering 150,000 data points in a minute. This data combined with other incoming streams of data from informational and operating systems helps in anticipating events and help take driving decisions in real time.

IoT Applications For Industrial Automation:
Industrial automation is one of the most profound applications of IoT. Smart Structures’ Embedded Data Collector. In the construction industry it is very important to determine the quality of concrete. The EDC or Embedded Data Collector from Smart Structure helps with this big time. The system works by embedding the sensors in the concrete during pouring and curing process. This way the sensors become permanent part of the structure. They provide vital information about the strength and quality of concrete directly to the Smart Structures Work Station.

IoT Applications For Energy Management:
Power grids of the future will not only be smart enough but also highly reliable. Smart Grid Management. Landis+Gyr’s grid management solutions are smart programs that provide capabilities to automate analyze as well as response to energy requirements in a smarter manner. They offer leading-edge tools that help both suppliers as well as consumers to reduce peak use problem as well increase energy use efficiency.

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