Gap-Year Ideas For 50-Plus Grownups. 7 Totally Awesome Gap-Year Ideas For Grownups. Why should teenagers have all the fun? Earlier this year, the White House announced that Malia Obama would attend Harvard University – but not before taking a gap year. She, like countless other teenagers, decided to take some time off between graduating high school and enrolling in college. But why should only young people take advantage of this opportunity? What about those folks middle-aged and older? Fortunately, while there are plenty of programs for students like Malia, there also are several gap year programs that are geared for the restless, the retired or the about-to-be retired. For those over 50, who are simply taking a career break, it can be a way to use their skills in a professional setting abroad and bring what they have learned back to their organization or company.

7 Totally Awesome Gap-Year Ideas For Grownups

For those ready to ride the grownups gap-year train, here are seven awesome ideas on how to climb aboard. 7 Totally Awesome Gap-Year Ideas For Grownups. The world is more inviting than your local media portray. Friends are around every corner, and a bit of courage to seek out new friends is an important component to any successful “grownup” gap year.

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