Internet of Things (IoT) Asia 2016. While Japan, China and South Korea have pioneered the adoption of IoT and machine to machine (M2M) technology in Asia, and even globally, South East Asia (ASEAN) arguably has the most potential for its application. Research in Asia has shown that there is a sense of urgency amongst IT leaders in the area to take advantage of what IoT has to offer. It is viewed as the second most disruptive technology to organizations in the region; 79 per cent said that they already have or are planning to implement ambient technology solutions. As a result, IoT was ranked 4th in terms of current CIO priorities (after Cloud, Mobility, Big Data) in the next three years.

Internet of Things – Asia IoT Business Platform

Internet of Things – Asia IOT Business PlatformAsia IoT Business Platform brings together consumers, platform providers, policy makers and those actually putting all the pieces together in the market place. It is defining the future landscape of IoT. With focus on local telecommunication companies, public sectors and end users across verticals, Asia IoT Business Platform is the most comprehensive event in Southeast Asia for solution providers targeting enterprise adoption of IoT and M2M technologies. Within this broader region, Southeast Asia, also known as ASEAN, is poised to drive the rise and rise of IoT, driven by three key factors: urbanization (demand), technology and device proliferation (the delivery platform) and manufacturing growth (supply).

Internet of Things – IoT Asia 2016 in Singapore

Internet of Things - IoT Asia 2016 in SingaporeThe Internet of Things (IoT) Asia 2016 Conference took place at the Singapore Expo on March 30 and 31 2016. Since 2014, IoT Asia has been a key industry platform for governments, industry and technology leaders to foster closer partnerships and create opportunities for the public and private sectors to embrace the Internet of Things. IoT Asia 2016 highlighted key areas critical to the development and the future of Internet of Things in Asia.

The Internet of Things is opening up a world of opportunities for everyone from connected cars to connected healthcare to smart cities and even home automation. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, about 50 billion things will be connected. In short, the Internet of Things adds an entirely new dimension to transform governments, businesses and societies and advancing humanity in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Video Presentation of the 2014 IoT Asia event. Although the video is for this earlier event it tells a good and educating story, please watch it, it’s only a few minutes long.

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