Job Opportunities For American MBAs In Asia. Hong Kong and Tokyo continue to be hotbeds for Americans MBAs, but thanks to increased urbanization, increased and increasing incomes, not to mention widespread tech, China, India, and Singapore have all quickly joined the ranks as job destinations for financial service professionals in particular. The increasingly ambiguous cultural divide between East and West notwithstanding, Americans are valued when they can act cross-cultural assets to Asian companies. Business insiders believe that both think the other will – Know the latest tech, Have powerful networks, and Know secret, exotic strategies for success. The top business schools recruit students with international exposure and teach them how to be effective in this environment. Some Asian companies like Samsung and Rakuten have recruited from American programs for years, while others are more recent participants.

How can American MBAs best position themselves for careers in Asia?
How can American MBAs best position themselves for careers in AsiaKnowledge of the local language and culture is key. A lot of doing business in Asia is about relationships. If you speak the language and understand the country and culture, you’ll be ahead of the game. Asia’s American appeal is related to the notion of the 21st as the ‘Chinese Century’. Americans are interested in Asia because of the growth, the opportunity for professional and personal development, the ability to be entrepreneurial, and the direct access to leaders in influential organizations. Asia is an exciting place to work across private and public sectors. There are incredible opportunities to do new things, solve big problems and be a part of an enormous change.

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