Jobs and Work in the Future - jobandwork.asiaJob Future and Employment and What Future Work Skills do we need? Ten years ago we didn’t have Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and ten years before that we didn’t have the web and Tim Berners-Lee. Today everybody knows Mark and most people still says, who? – when talking about Tim. What I am trying to tell you by saying this is, that in the future, what will your job function be and who will be behind your job opportunity? The answer is, that nobody really knows what the future will bring the workforce

Many studies have tried to research and inform about which job categories and staff requirements there will be in the future, however, most of them have failed to predict anything reliable. Think about it, if you entered the workforce within the last ten years, you could not enter such professions as, web developer, social media manager, 3-D animator, or how about mobile phone application developer? They simply did not exist. (Continued below.)

Jobs Search in Asia. Click on following link to find Asian Jobs Information. And click on blue link to find ASEAN Jobs Information. ASEAN is the ten South East Asian nations soon to become the AEC ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

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It is very difficult to predict what new occupations will be around in the future. It is somehow a little bit easier to see what types of industries are most likely to have high demand for workers, and what industries are likely to decline

So, on our site we will not focus so much on the future jobs. We are more interested in what future work skills and abilities are required across different jobs and work setting and how we can help inform readers about these areas.

Career Choice: I would love to work for an International Organization!  You need to plan this career on a long-term basis: There are few opportunities for new graduates. If you want to work in this field other than as an intern or volunteer. Experience, built up in this way or through other public or private sector employers is essential. It is also useful to have lived, worked or studied internationally. And to have a knowledge of other languages. Careers and and Employability Service is a great page to read. It is made by the University of Kent in UK. Also called the University of Europe.

By Joern Nielsen