Ten Hottest Israeli Cybersecurity Companies 2016. There are more than 300 cybersecurity companies operating in Israel, making it an industry second only to the U.S. in size. Israeli companies exported some $6 billion (USD) in cyber-related products and services last year, a peak figure which surpasses the amount of Israeli defense contracts signed in 2014, according to the Cybersecurity Review, which is published by Delta Business Media in London. The latest data from Israel’s National Cyber Bureau (NCB) shows a surge in cyber exports from $3 billion (USD) in 2013 to $6 billion last year. According to NCB, that constitutes about 10 percent of the global cyber market. We just inform about a few of the hottest and most innovative firms from Israel.

Israeli Cybersecurity Companies

Israeli Cybersecurity CompaniesCyber Threat Protection: CyberArk. CyberArk is the only security company laser-focused on striking down targeted cyber threats that make their way inside — undetected — to attack the heart of the enterprise. Unified Threat Management: Check Point Software. Since 1993, Check Point has been dedicated to providing customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership. Cyber Security & Intelligence Solutions: CYBERBIT. CYBERBIT confronts cybercrime challenges by protecting high risk, high value enterprises, critical infrastructures and governments against advanced, signature-less threats. Software Development Security: Checkmarx. The company pioneered the concept of a query language-based solution for identifying technical and logical code vulnerabilities. The Checkmarx team is committed to both customers and technology innovation.

Top Cybersecurity Companies in Israel

Mobile Forensics Technology: Cellebrite. The company’s advanced solutions for mobile lifecycle offer Operators, Retailers and Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers with advanced solutions to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, improve satisfaction, and reduce cost.

Enterprise Network Security: Fireglass. The Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform eliminates common attack vectors against browsers, emails, documents and web applications. Fireglass executes and renders all potentially malicious content within secure containers, and sends a safe visual feed to the end-user without altering user experience.

Cloud-Based Malware Protection: Seculert. The Seculert Automated Attack Detection Platform, delivered as a service, removes the uncertainty in which IT security teams operate. The platform delivers continuous visibility and clarity into compromise and risk by automatically detecting attacks inside the network.

Automotive Cyber Security: TowerSec. TowerSec is a leading global Automotive Cyber Security vendor, specializing in delivering onboard cyber security technology to OEMs, suppliers and telematics unit and service providers.

Application Security & Delivery: Radware. Radware’s DDoS protection, application delivery and load balancing solutions ensure optimal service levels for applications in virtual, cloud and software defined data centers.

Database Security & Compliance: HexaTier. Founded in 2009, HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL) delivers database security, Database Activity Monitoring (DAM), and dynamic data masking in one product that addresses today’s database security needs for all organizations.

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