Top 10 best and worst jobs for the future. data experts can tell you what job you should pick for a successful future. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kiplinger and economic forecasting group EMSI analyzed 785 popular US jobs. Out of that list, Kiplinger measured which will have the strongest and weakest growth rates over the next 10 years (between 2016 and 2026), what those jobs will pay and how much education they will require. What about the job market of the future? Haven’t the doomsayers always been proved wrong by rising productivity, new fields of enterprise, new economic opportunities?

The 10 best jobs for the future

Top 10 best jobs in the futureWith regards to top 10 best jobs, Kiplinger took into consideration the following two qualifications: In addition to providing a good salary, the job will have a manageable barrier to entry. App developer. Computer systems analyst. Nurse practitioner. Physical therapist Health services manager. Physician’s assistant. Dental hygienist. Market research analyst. Personal financial adviser, and Speech language pathologist. A job like doctor did not make the list because it’s a profession that demands an extended amount of time and a steep amount of money to prepare for the field. Meanwhile, a physician’s assistant made the list because it doesn’t require as big of an investment in time and tuition.

The 10 worst jobs for the future

Top 10 worst jobs for the futureThe main criteria Kiplinger considered for the worst job was that the profession had to employ at least 20,000 people. Not coincidentally he points out that many of these jobs involved handwork and craft work that can eventually become automated. It’s “up to you to stay ahead of the machine” by teaching yourself valuable skills: Textile machine worker. Photo processor. Furniture finisher. Radio or TV announcer. Floral designer. Gaming cashier. Legislator. Metal and plastic machine operator. Door-to-door salesperson. Print binding and finishing worker. Everyone should keep an eye out for automation, but if there is a lesson to be learned from these lists, it’s that education can help people adapt to digitization/robotization of jobs.

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