Job and Work Asia for Expats. For expat jobs, career and employment search. This is our Asian site for learning about ex-pats work opportunities and the job situation in Asia. We are also providing information about two main areas of Asian staff development and local middle management practices and South East Asia (ASEAN) workforce training and executive development. We call them “Asia” and “ASEAN” – for those people who do not know what ASEAN is, we will give an explanation in the following. Readers can also learn about the future of work in Asia, and about employee wellness programs. And the last subject is about Outsourcing Jobs and Work to freelancers and gig-workers online. This page is just a little about what we do on this site.

Job and Work Asia – Expat Jobs and Work Careers

job-and-work-asia-expat-jobs-and-work-careersPlease visit our Expat Career Blog here. If you are interested in the Expat Jobs and Career category, please start visiting our page about Expat Assignments in Asia. Here you can check out our right side menu “Related pages” where we have listed seven sub-categories. Inside each page, you will find very good information about national search sites and expat careers and employment portals and sites for all the most important Asian countries. Asian Positions. Presently we have information about Job for Foreigner in Asia for more than thirty countries around Asia. We are mainly talking about nations located in Eastern and South-Central Asia. Here we have around twelve to fifteen Expat Jobs and Career countries listed. Employment In South-East Asia. We have the ten countries who are called ASEAN and who in the year 2015 became the new ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). We have lots of employment and search for information for these ASEAN Job Asian Career pages, with a listing of support, training, etc.

Global Expat Jobs and Work Careers

job-and-work-global-expat-jobs-and-work-careersAmerica and Europe and other continents. We have just developed new pages to expand to the Middle Eastern countries. Start by going to the Middle East Jobs and Careers page. And then continue to our other section Jobs and Careers in the Middle East with even more countries listed. Twenty-plus countries with Expat Employment in Europe are here and a top 10 country list of Expat Careers in the Americas can be found following the link. On the top of our pages, we have a light purple menu with different topics. We have already mentioned the first three in the above text. The next one is Work and e-Learning. Learning programs online will be much more common in the future.

VIDEO featuring Asian headhunters talking together on landing that top position. Regional recruiters share some inside tips on the recruitment business and key skills needed to land that top occupation in corporate Asia. Watch the video to learn from the experts.

About Asia Foundation.

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. Informed by six decades of experience and deep local expertise, our programs address critical issues affecting Asia in the 21st century.

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