3 Important Asian Business Directories and Asia Local Business Listing. Online business directories are very beneficial for small businesses around ASEAN and Asia. Listing your Asian or ASEAN website in many online business directories will improve your website’s exposure and SEO ranking, however, it is not effective to just list your website in every single online directory you can find. Online business directory listings are among the top online marketing tools recommended for Asian small business owners who rely on local trade. The rise of hyper-local business directories has driven the trend, but national business directories with a local focus are still among the most important and affordable advertising avenues for most small businesses. Here we will provide you with some emerging Asian sites where you need to become listed if you are an Asian or ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) entrepreneur.

Asia Business Directory

Asia Business Directory and Local Website ListingOf the newest and the 3 most important and emerging Asian Business Directories we will tell you about, the first one we present is the Asia Business Directory. It can be found at the already 8-9 years old and fairly well-known site called Entrepreneur SME Asia. Using the latest business technology and lots of experience and ideas on their website, they are creating a truly Asia Only general Asian / ASEAN business directory. They have expert moderators and editors to help you with your listing. And best of all, your listings are FREE. From reliable sources, we know that later on there will also be paid listings, but for now, go quickly to their site and list your local Asian or ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) business. On many directories, you will often find a mish-mash of listings from all over the world, and it may be difficult to find relevant local or national information. In this directory, they will only list Asian business and they WILL check your site and business information before you get listed, so if you try to sneak in a non-Asian site, you will be told that this is an Asian-only business directory. Listings are by category and by country.

Asia Business Training Directory

Example Listing - Asia Business Directory ListAsia Business Training Directory is also a fairly new directory. It is hosted here on our own site. The Asia Business Training Directory is for all Asian and ASEAN corporate and business training firms. from traditional employee training programs, general teaching and training courses to multicultural learning to e-Learning and other online courses. We encourage and help and support all Asian-based corporate training business, coaches, mentors, trainers, etc to become listed. In past few years, local training businesses were often driven off of search engine front pages by huge changes in what we call “organic online search results”. However, fairly recently though, mainly Google but also other search engines shifted gears (again) – and changed up their algorithms – to lift national and local results to the top of the search engine results. So please feel welcome to our site and get listed. Listings on sites like our Asia Business Training Directory should be a key part of an online marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Asia Sports Directory Free Listing Asia Sports Training Directory is the 3rd and the last of our recommendation for being listed in niche and specialized Asian and ASEAN directory. It covers presently around 20 of the major sports in Asia. The Asia Sports Directory can be found as a sub category under our main training directory. It is very new and very soon we will list many new sites on this directory. Of course, if you have found this blog post and you are the owner of a sports business with a website, please contact us to become listed. We also appreciate recommendation from visitors of well-known or important Asian or Asean Economic Community (AEC) sites relevant to our sports or business training directory.

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