Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Asia. Based on research gathered by MIT Technology Review, Asia’s business landscape is poised not only to benefit greatly from the rise of artificial intelligence but also (play a major roll in helping?) to define it. While only a small percentage of respondents are currently investing in AI development in Asia, 25% of firms have already made investments at a global level – with another 50% considering doing so. The digital revolution is destroying more jobs than it will create. For many existing jobs, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology is a real threat. The current digital revolution is turning out to be different from previous ones, which destroyed jobs relating to outdated technologies but created many more jobs. This time, most of the people losing their jobs lack the resources to compete with machines and software that never need any time off.

The Digital Wave and Asia

Digital Revolution in AsiaArtificial Intelligence (AI) in Asia. At the last World Economic Forum at Davos, it was estimated that robots, AI and nanotechnology would together blitz 5 million jobs worldwide by 2020. They would perhaps create 2.1 million jobs for workers with knowledge of mathematics, architecture and engineering. The digital wave targets simple administrative jobs that don’t require sophisticated decision-making criteria. The digital revolution also attacks some complex tasks like revising complex contracts or scanning high-resolution medical imagery to detect pathologies. Telephone operators, statisticians and travel agents are expected to be among the worst hit. A study from 2015 found that more than 97 per cent of telemarketers, cashiers and drivers could disappear by 2025. The valued professions of the future are likely to be ones that have a “human” focus, meaning people working in mental health, drug abuse or occupational therapy, or dentists and even security forces.

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