Asian Career Opportunities During and After Covid-19. It is now time for professionals to think about the future, in order to expect greater job opportunities or alternate Asian career options in the post-pandemic world. Here are a few career options to reinvent your career in post-Covid times. Freelancing: This one opens up a door to several opportunities like content writing, fashion designing, graphic designing, photography, public relations, coder/programmer, translator, or marketing. Cybersecurity Professional: With Asian companies shifting to remote working, it has become crucial to secure the networks, confidential data, and employee operations against the many security threats. Online Teaching: During this uncertainty, online teaching seems to be the only option and due to the Asian-wide lockdown, there is a huge demand for online teachers. Here are more some career options – for you to read about – to reinvent your career in post-Covid times

Asian Career Opportunities During and After Covid-19

Asian Career Opportunities Covid-19New Types of Jobs Emerge from COVID-19: The number of jobs lost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has far surpassed the losses seen during the 2007-09 Great Recession, and no one’s sure how many of those jobs are coming back. But while around 40 million people have filed for unemployment benefits, the public health crisis has also created new types of work. Contact tracers, temperature takers, health monitors, and workplace redesigners are jobs that are now booming. Demand for many of these and other similar jobs has risen quickly and is expected to grow further in the coming months. (Continue reading here)New Types of Jobs Emerge from COVID-19. From SHRM News Article.

Asian Career Opportunities and Covid-19

Asian Career Opportunities and Covid-19Which jobs are coming back first? Which may never return? A snapshot of who’s hiring now, plus a warning about employment predictions in an unknown COVID-19 recovery. As the economy began to wake up from what one economist called a “medically induced coma.” The new jobs are clustered in people-facing companies that have started to hire back workers they’d furloughed, so in reality, many aren’t so new. We’re talking about places like bars and restaurants, hair salons, medical offices, and car dealerships. Spot a trend? Yep, it’s the service sector, the heart of the modern economy, and the epicenter of the recent jobs earthquake. (Continue reading here)Which jobs are coming back first? Which may never return?. From Marketplace dot Org Article.

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