Asian Job Creation & China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The Belt and Road Initiative, announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, involves building infrastructure along the historic Silk Road routes connecting China to 64 other countries in Southeast, South and Central Asia and the Middle East. The initiative has been welcomed as a stimulus to global growth, while helping countries to overcome poor physical and social infrastructure. Less discussed — but equally important — is its potential to address the urgent need to create hundreds of millions of jobs across the region to absorb a dramatic surge in the working population, especially among young adults. Joblessness, particularly among the rapidly growing youth population, can also contribute to instability in poor emerging economies.

China’s Belt and Road initiative vital to Asian job creation

Project will increase prospects for political and economic stability in the region. Nowhere will the job creation challenge be more acute than in the 39 Silk Road countries whose work forces are expanding. Read more about it here These countries, in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, face perhaps the greatest short-term job creation challenge in world history. Please watch the video below too for more information.

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