Asian Website Design and Development Service. So you have decided to create a new blog or a website for your SME business in Asia. But you just don’t know how. Or don’t know how to get started. Or don’t know WHO to trust? Because you get so much different information from sources all over the internet.

You have tried to understand what a blog is. What a website is. And what is the difference? And you would like to have both? Can your site be viewed on tablets and the very small screens on mobiles? What is this thing about Social Media Marketing? What is it? Is it useful or time consuming for me? How do I make money online? How do I pay for the costs for my site. Am I in full CONTROL of my site or not?

Yes, a lot of questions to answer. do you know all the answers? Or do you know someone who has the knowledge and willingness to tell you all the secrets? And give you all the right and honest answers?

Yes, You do now ….

We are not website developers. We are online marketeers with our own websites. We can help you to set up your new site – and provide all the answers to most of your questions. Just email us contact (at) or jobandworkasia (at) or use our contact form on this page. We are HONEST people (Scandinavians). And we have no hidden agenda. Just want to help small business to come online and get the right information.

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