ACTI – Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute

ACTI – Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute
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ACTI – Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute
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ACTI’s pool of 24 trainers and lecturers come from many different countries as well as from different mission agencies.
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ACTI – Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute. ACTI was originally started by OMF in 1984 in response to churches in Asia faced with a new wave of Asian missionaries needing cross-cultural training as well as from Western countries who were sending Their missionaries new to Asia. With this need, a rented bungalow at Adam Road became the first venue to host the trainees for a period of one year.

After four years of existence, ACTI became independent in 1988, a partnership realised with different mission agencies and churches in Singapore networked together. Bringing in experienced missionaries working in Asia as trainers, it became a place in Asia for those needing cross-cultural training from different parts of the world.

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