Aeroswim – Swimming Coaches

Aeroswim – Swimming Coaches
Business Name: Aeroswim – Swimming Coaches
Region, Country or City: Malaysia
Short Description: Swimming coach for almost 30 years in Malaysia
Long Description:

Aeroswim was founded in the year 2000 by husband-wife team, Daniel and Yul, with only a small group of students. At the beginning, they kept a low profile where most of their students came to know about them by word of mouth. Aeroswim grew slowly but surely maturing through coaching hundreds of men, women, and children in safe, enjoyable swimming. Our success, or rather our students’ success, has been through the positive, supportive nature of our teaching methods. This itself has been the key factor that has attracted so many to come and learn with us.

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Comments: Aeroswim’s unique method of teaching allows you to learn swimming in as little as 5 lessons
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