Indonesian Badminton Federation (PBSI)

Indonesian Badminton Federation (PBSI)
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Indonesian Badminton Federation (PBSI)
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The Badminton Association of Indonesia
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Indonesian Badminton Federation (PBSI) is the organization responsible for the huge success of badminton in Indonesia. It was formed during 1951 in Bandung. Since Indonesian badminton players from localities do not get as much attention as their Chinese counterparts, the Indonesian Badminton Federation had started conducting many National sport events in Badminton like National sport Championships. In this manner, the junior local players ascended to world level professionals bringing home many badminton glories.

In the case of Indonesian Badminton, both the Government and Private sector organizations take the responsibility of noting a local player's talent and grooming him. The Government badminton training centers are known as PELATNAS (National Training Center). In PELANTAS (National Training Centers), the training and coaching is not as intensive as in the private training centers. It is due to the fact that in National Training Centers, the training players are not the just young ones, but also consists of experienced and professional players. Whereas in private badminton training centers, predominantly only the young talented and interested players are groomed to become professionals at world level.

Indonesia is one of the badminton juggernauts
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