Khayay International School

Khayay International School
Business Name:
Khayay International School
Region, Country or City:
Myanmar, Yangon
Short Description:
Multilingual International School in Yangon, Myanmar
Long Description:

The Khayay International School is a co-ed private school (preschool to Grade 9) operating in Yangon since 2004.

Our mission is to challenge children of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to think critically and creatively, both independently and as a team, while preparing them for active and global citizenship and leadership.

Rooted in socio-emotional learning, we value coexistence with nature, healthy and responsible lifestyles, integrated and holistic approaches to education, multilingualism, and peace, and provide students a safe, natural, green, and warm space to learn and grow.

The preschool curriculum created by Hitomi Iwasaki, our founding principal, is based on principles of socio-emotional learning following the stages of child development. This holistic curriculum includes multilingual exposure to 5 languages (English, Burmese, Japanese, French, and Chinese), art and music, physical education, exposure to math concepts, social studies, and language arts. Children explore themes and each area of inquiry through a hands-on approach and play, building a strong foundation for learning. Our teacher to students ratio (1:5 for preschool and 1:7 for KG) allows teachers to dedicate ample time, care, and attention to each student.

In elementary and junior high school, our curriculum covers elements of the American, Japanese, and Burmese curriculums with qualified teachers in each of these curriculums. Students use English, Japanese, and Burmese as languages of instruction and are prepared for further studies in any of these 3 school systems. In classrooms of 10 students max, students learn in an intimate setting where they can receive personal attention from their teachers.

Our student-centered pedagogy across all grades encourages students’ expression, creativity, and collaboration. Khayay education extends beyond our classrooms into our school life where each moment is considered an opportunity to learn. Students participate in the cleaning of the school and recycling waste for example, as they enjoy healthy school meals planned by the Principal who is also a certified supervising dietician. Our school life is also punctuated with staple family and student-led events such as art & music shows, field trips, sports day, funfair, and cultural events.

Students can also enjoy a multitude of extra-curricular (optional) activities after school which include private music classes at the Joseph Smith Music Center, ping-pong, soccer, kendo, T-ball, origami, board games among others.

At our school, faculty and students embrace each other’s differences and co-exist in a global community. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, which country you come from, or what your financial background is. What matters most is the mutual understanding we have for others.

The Khayay International School is located at 16, Inya Road, near Golden Valley.

Khayay International School a multilingual school where Japanese, Burmese, and English are used as languages of instruction. Khayay International Schools offers preschool, kindergarten, primary and junior high classes.
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