Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal

Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal
Business Name: Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal
Region, Country or City: Nepal
Short Description: Search and Rescue Dog Handlers Academy of Nepal. Not For Profit that trains young Nepalese to search for missing people.
Long Description:

The training program at our Academy is flexible. This means that when a new Student enrolls, he or she is guided by our advanced Students step by step. This makes them able to catch up with the basic knowledge which the others have mastered already. A new student is assigned to an existing team of a SAR Dog and its handler. If there are new puppies available at such a moment, then one of them will directly come under the new students care.
The dog and its handler both learn how to search for victims of an avalanche, landslides, mud slides, collapsed houses· (earthquake victim search). An other training is to go after missing people who lost their way in a forest or in the mountains while hiking or portering goods.
There will be additional training issues during a period of between 2 and 3 years for those who want to do more than receiving a dog handlers certificate. Internal and external training courses with other Organizations in Nepal and with trainers from abroad will be arranged.

Comments: We often form a SAR team together with Nepal Police,
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