Buy Flowers, Plants and Trees from Thailand. Sourcing, trade, agent and export by professional team of landscaping experts and garden design architects with lots of contacts to the Thai indoor and outdoor nurseries and other quality flower, plant and tree suppliers of all kinds. Thailand is one of the largest countries in South East Asia that has a tropical, wet climate which enables it to supports the life and growth of an impressive variety of native flora and fauna. Thailand is thought to have almost as many plant species as Europe all crammed into a country the size of France. Thailand today can supply high-quality plants and flowers that are very healthy, so they will look beautiful and live as long as possible after you buy them from wholesalers, traders or exporters here.

National Flower Of Thailand

Ratchaphruek - National Flower of ThailandThere are many native flowers of Thailand. The national flower is called Ratchaphruek, also known as the Golden Shower Tree is the national flower of Thailand. This is a well known flower which can be seen growing throughout the kingdom of Thailand. This flower also has a number of other names, two of which are “Khun” and the other is “Chaiyaphruek”. This plant has a medicinal value, certain parts of the plant can be used as a laxative. This tree blossoms between February and May each year. Thailand is a country with a unique and unusually rich in tropical flora. Some of the most poplar are: Thai Lotus (Nelumbo): Perhaps one of the most popular flowers in Thailand. Since this plant is a symbol of purity and innocence in Buddhism, the lotus can be found in all the shrines and temples. Thai Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea): The plant of large dimensions, kadochnogo type. This miracle shines bright bracts – purple, red, white, pink. Orchid (Orchidáceae): Passionate flower is valued primarily as an ornamental. This amazing plant in Thailand – are not uncommon. They can be seen on trees, dry coconuts, and just everywhere!

Professional Flower, Plant and Tree Sourcing in Thailand

Professional Flower, Plant and Tree Sourcing in ThailandOur professional landscape gardening supply business offer plant sourcing services. You will not need to search the internet for information and try to find Thailand suppliers, who may or may not answer your emails (mostly they will not). You will not need to drive around to several Thai local greenhouses and nurseries. You will not even need to worry about export. Everything will be done for you. Just contact us by email here: contact (at) or use our link above to our contact form, and we will quickly respond to your flower, plant or tree inquiry … in English (or German language) … or even Scandinavian languages too.

Buy Flowers, Plants and Trees from Thailand
Please also watch this short video and learn about our simple 5-step system for easy and quick flower, plant and tree sourcing solutions from Thailand.

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