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Video marketing online strategiesLearn Online Video Marketing Strategies for Long-Term success. A few years back it was very easy to get listed high in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We mention Google, although there are several other search engines like Bing, Yahoo! Search, Ask and Aol Search (The Top 5), Google is still the major one, and by the way, they are also owner of YouTube, which by now most people know, is the major video upload site. However, since the many Google algorithm changes, like Penguin, Panda, EMD and other updates it has become very difficult to become listed high in the Google SERPs, and the latest development is the “mobile friendly” update, which left many, especially older sites, behind. Also, brand new sites has a very tough time getting listed high in the Google search results.

Your Present Video Online Promotion. So if you already have a video you would like to be promoted (or better promoted) online, we can offer you a 3 months subscription service, where we will help you with your online marketing efforts, give you advice, simple analysis of your present efforts, provide case studies, test key search word combination strategies, provide you news and links to the latest developments in online marketing, and much more. This service will also cost only US$ 29.

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