Developing an Innovation Culture – Workshops & Seminars. Modern times have seen increasing emphasis on innovation as a key contributor to organizational success.  Innovation not only concerns the creation of ideas that are novel and useful to the workplace, but also includes the implementation of those ideas to develop new products or services (i.e., product innovation) and new ways of working (i.e., process innovation, for example though changes in HRM practice or work design). See also Innovation & Idea Management. Course Objective. What would an innovative organisational culture look like?  It would be one in which employees are motivated and confident enough to continually try new things out.  To this end, employees would be equipped with the right types of knowledge, skills and abilities to both effectively generate and implement new ideas.  However, innovation will only flourish if the work environment is supportive of these efforts

Corporate Innovation Culture and Idea Processes

Corporate Innovation Culture and Idea ProcessesHow can such a culture be developed?  This we will learn in this workshop. Program Content – Innovation Culture: Selecting innovative employees. Training for creativity and innovation. Developing a learning culture. Empowering employees. Setting up idea management system. Developing managers to support the innovation of others. Making creativity a requirement of the job. Improving employee participation in decision-making. Having appropriate reward systems for innovation. Allowing risk-taking as an acceptable mode of practice. Encouraging investment in research and development. Benchmarking.

Who Should Attend

Company Directors, Managers and Leaders, Project Managers, Change Agents, Change Management team members, Strategy Managers, team leaders, R&D engineers.

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