Corporate Training is a Necessity in Many Companies. 4 Ways To Make Your Employees Love Training. If corporate training is a drag on the workforce, try focusing on these four game-changing techniques. From teaching employees the basics of your technology infrastructure to helping them develop new insight and skill sets, training is a necessity in many companies. And while stand-and-deliver instructors in classroom settings make up 46% of training hours, according to a 2015 report by Training magazine, managers are increasingly adopting new formats and methods of training to both improve employee satisfaction and increase effectiveness. What is changing, but albeit much too slowly, is thinking much more about the whole learning ecosystem and what has to happen before people go to training, what has to happen after training.

4 Ways To Make Your Employees Love Training

As more companies seek to create blended training approaches that employees love and also deliver return on investment, they’re focusing on four areas. Read more about it here: 4 Ways To Make Your Employees Love Training. Choose the right format. Respect employee’s time. Make it more interactive. Ensure managerial support.

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