Employee Training Asia – Developing and Mentoring the Workforce. Understanding the importance of developing Asian employees. What kind of manager are you? Do you hire new employees and then just let them do their day job? Or do you stay actively involved in the progress and development of your employees, helping to guide them along the way? If you are manager-to-be, do you know what it’s like to have a mentor – someone who takes a personal interest in your career development? Employee development doesn’t just happen. It takes a conscious, concerted effort on the part of both managers and employees. And beyond that, it takes time and commitment.

Employee Training Asia – Staff Development

Asia on-the-job-trainingWhy Help Develop Your Asian Employees? Many very good reasons exist for helping your Asian employees to develop. As a manager, you are in the best position to provide your employees with the support that they need to develop in your organization. You can provide them with unique on-the-job learning opportunities and assignments, mentoring, team participation, and more. Employee Development involves a lot more than just going to a training class or two. In fact, approximately 90 percent of development occurs on the job. In every organization, you have a lot to learn, internal and external office politics, formal and informal hierarchies, the right and the wrong ways to get things done, etc.

Understanding Employee Training and Development

Employee Development in AsiaThe terms training and development can have two distinctly different meanings: Training usually refers to teaching workers skills that they need to know right now to do their jobs. Development usually refers to teaching employees the kind of skills that they will need in the future as they progress in their careers. For this reason, employee development is often known as career development. Your employees are worth your time and money. New employees cost a lot of money to recruit and train. And not only do you have to consider the investment in Yuan, Rupee, or Yen, but you and the rest of your staff also have to make an investment in time.

When Asian employees understand that you have their best interest at heart, they are likely to want to work for you and learn from you. As a result, your organization will be able to attract talented people. Invest in your Asian employees now, or waste your time and money finding replacements later. The choice is yours.

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