Service Orientation – Important Workplace Skill. Service orientation is the ability and desire to anticipate, recognize and meet others’ needs, sometimes even before those needs are articulated. Service-oriented people focus on providing satisfaction and making themselves available to others. This was defined as actively seeking ways to help others. How much do you assist those on your team, your superiors, and people across your industry? How much are you known for that? In the everyday world around us services are and have been commonplace for as long as civilized history has existed. Any person carrying out a distinct task in support of others is providing a service. Any group of individuals collectively performing a task in support of a larger task is also demonstrating the delivery of a service.

Service Orientation – Developing Service Orientation Skills

Service Orientation Skill Development. Think of your current customers. This could be your company’s direct customers, partners, or ‘internal’ customers, such as other groups within the company (for example, if you are in a support function in Finance or IT functions). Focus on improving the level of service you provide. Identify your customers’ pain points (have they had a complaint to you in the past?), their needs and concerns. Find out what makes them successful and find ways to help them achieve that. Set a clear and measurable set of goals, which will help you benchmark yourself against on a regular basis. Revisit the list you have created and modify it as you get more feedback or as your customers’ need evolve

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