Leadership Training in Asia l Jobandwork.asiaLeadership Development has become big business. Recent research has shown that up to 40% of leaders worldwide are barely ready to take on business challenges within the next few years. In Asia, the three most important leadership skills in the next five years are leading change, a global mindset and retaining and developing talent

Asian companies mainly choose, what is called, active learning, which must be a good business term, because I really can’t understand why anyone can learn anything by “passive learning?” Well, another area where Asian business like to learn are by doing business simulations, it is a way of learning to solve company related problems by playing business games, subjects may be strategic thinking, financial analysis, market analysis, operations, teamwork and leadership. Group exercises are used to solve business challenges. By observing more experienced personnel, less experienced staff members get exposure to useful strategies

Watch the Video about the Asian Leadership Institute, the oldest coaching institute in Asia. They have received many elite leaders of multinational corporations and family-run businesses. From over 20 countries including India, China, Singapore, Canada, the U.S.A. and EU countries

By Joern Nielsen

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