Job Search on social Media l JobandWork.AsiaSocial Media and Networking for Jobs and Work. According to some news, the very first Curriculum Vitae (CV) was written by Leonardo Da Vinci 500 years ago. Since then, millions of job seekers have used CV’s and resumes to seek jobs. Today, we have a very different way of looking for work. Presently, job seekers have a very tough marketplace, and they need to be more creative. Traditional tactics for boosting your chance of finding your dream job, are still invaluable, like attending networking events and polishing up your resume.

Many job seekers are turning to social media to help them find jobs. They are using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote their skills. This is confirmed by one professional recruiter who says: Today I am not reading the CV’s sent to me every day, but I am doing most of my recruitment online and people search using LinkedIn.

Now it is time to check yourself online, if you are looking for a new position. Search your own name on Google , Bing and Yahoo, read carefully what is written about you, either by yourself or by others. Because this is what potential employers will read too, they too know how to search for information. If you find something which you feel should not be there, immediately find ways to correct it. You may have written something which you later on have regretted, so now it is time to remove or update. Or simply just explain why you wrote that particular piece of information. Do remember, that the internet has a long memory.

Networking for Jobs and Work l JobandWork.AsiaTo help new graduates, universities have even launched courses teaching students how to use social media to find work. The University of Leicester in UK is one of those who help people develop their “personal brand.” Isn’t it cool, that they now can help you market yourself, in a similar way to Oreo Cookies or Screaming Yellow Zonkers popcorn?

Online Networking and Employability Award (ONE) at Leicester University, is an online employability course which will allow you to develop your personal brand and explore the potential of social media in improving your career prospects. The program consists of three units, Defining your personal brand, Introduction to social media for employability and Creating an effective online presence.

By Pranee Thongsuk

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