Employee Idea Systems. Training for Creating Idea-Generating Cultures, Worldwide Online An Interactive Workshop. To develop a truly successful innovation initiative (a modern employee suggestion system) in your organization, an integrated blueprint is required. First of all, we must understand the power and proven business strategy of enlisting the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of employees. To engage the people, then harvest their creativity and innovation, and then focusing on following 6 key results areas are critical to success.

Employee Idea Systems. Training for Suggestion Program

Employee Idea Systems. Training for Suggestion ProgramIn this participative workshop. we will assist you and your organization in designing and implementing an effective idea management system that encourages, solicits and channels ideas from throughout your organization. Since their inception, employee-based idea systems have gone through significant evolution. More recent approaches to Idea Management include focuses on smaller ideas via efforts such as Continuous Improvement and 5S while integrating into other improvement efforts such as team activities and Six Sigma. Under the following motto’s, you will learn:


Watch this Video Where do good ideas come from? A presentation to the EIA Ideas-America conference by an Ideas Administrator for Grote industries. Including Six Sigma Tools, Lean Concepts and the Performance Pyramid.

Training, Certified Administrator of Suggestion Systems (CASS)

Training is available to IA members. Currently, on-site certification training is offered in conjunction with the IA Annual Conference.  Re-Certification will also be available to take on-line through-out the year.The IdeasAmerica Association’s primary objective in providing certification programs is to improve the image, role and effectiveness of administrators and managers of idea, involvement and innovation systems.

Idea Management has evolved to embrace a broader range of harnessing ideas than a traditional suggestion system. Ideally an organization will have several methods of harvesting ideas:

Small Ideas – Small improvement ideas are implemented locally and resources are provided to work areas so they can quickly resolve problems. This can include Continuous Improvement, 5S, or other Lean activities.

Mid-Sized Ideas – These are larger ideas that may require outside input or they could be passed onto a team for resolution (e.g., Six Sigma project or Kaizen event).

Innovative Ideas – New product or service ideas could be posted to a separate location. These ideas would be handled differently as the fall-out rate is quite high. With experience, people submitting small and mid-sized ideas will gain experience being creative and could post some very useful new product ideas as well.

By Joern Nielsen

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