National Associations for Employee Suggestion Schemes. Idea Programs Development Worldwide. Here is a good listing on the web of national associations for suggestion systems and employee involvement. Discover through these very important and well-known associations how to improve your organization through innovation, creativity, imagination and best practices. For some of the national associations, you’ll just need first to learn a bit of Dutch, Swedish, French or German in order to read their websites. But that’s, of course, a piece of cake for you …!

Asia – Employee Idea Programs

Asia - Employee Idea ProgramsNational Associations for Employee Suggestion Schemes. An Employee suggestion scheme can be described as a formalized mechanism, which encourages employees to contribute constructive ideas for improving the organization in which they work. The overall aim of these schemes is to gather, analyze, and implement ideas in order to create results that have a positive impact on the business and or deliver new value to customers. India – INSSAN. – Japan – Japan HR Association – Japanese Association of Suggestion Systems. – New ideas can enable organizations to find new sources of competitive advantage. New ideas might relate to New products and services. Improvement of current products and services. Improvement of processes (e.g. continuous improvement initiatives).

Middle East – Idea Programs for Company Employees

Middle East - Idea Programs for Company EmployeesNew technology makes it easier to reach more people, simply offering a venue for employees to voice their ideas and concerns does not guarantee that they will use it. In fact, my research with James Detert at Cornell suggests that they probably won’t use it unless you explicitly say what kind of feedback you’re seeking and then spell out what you’re doing in response to it. Dubai – Ideas Arabia. – Companies put most of their effort into gathering input and not nearly enough into considering how ideas are evaluated and ranked. Just as decision-making techniques can shape what decisions are made in face-to-face groups, the algorithms used to judge ideas will have an effect on which contributions are deemed valuable.

Europe – Employee Idea Programs


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