USA – Ideas America – Employee Involvement Association (EIA)  In July 1942, thirty-five interested suggestion administrators met at the United Airlines Offices in Chicago, IL and agreed to establish what was to become the National Association of Suggestion Systems (NASS). The purpose of this Association was to improve employer-employee relations, to stimulate constructive thinking on the part of both, and in general to enhance a sympathetic understanding of mutual problems toward making this a better working world in which to live.

NASS was dedicated to spreading information on how to make employee suggestion systems work successfully and 70 years later the legacy continues. Employee involvement is the keystone of organizational development, nurturing the engagement and empowerment of people, so later the name National Association of Suggestion Systems was changed to Employee Involvement Association (EIA).

Ideas-America - USA Idea Management Association l Jobandwork.asiaIn October 2010 the name was changed again to IdeasAmerica, in order to better define the future of the Association as an internationally recognized organization serving professional managers and administrators of employee ideas, involvement and innovation systems by providing quality educational programs, publications, benchmarking and networking opportunities.

Their members are leaders who are dedicated to building organizations that engage their employees, encouraging them to contribute to their organizations at many levels and in many ways. Please visit their website for much more information about their conferences, certifications, awards and all other offers.

Watch this video where Tony Brigmon, Ambassador of Fun” from Southwest Airlines opens the 2010 Employee Involvement Association’s Conference in St. Louis, MO. The conference focuses on training and networking of administrators of employee involvement programs. Other speakers were heard from Honda of America, AFLAC,, Institute for Lean Systems, Infosurv Inc., Hammond’s Candies and Clear Picture Leadership.

By Joern Nielsen

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