IdeasUK  is the country’s foremost association for the promotion of employee involvement programmes. They are a not for profit organisation (a registered charity) that was founded in 1987, aimed at assisting organisations – in both the Public and Private sector – to develop robust ideas programmes and to provide a forum for membership networking. It is their firm belief that in these challenging times, quality ideas can significantly help a business become leaner, as well as helping the front line staff make a real difference to the overall objectives of the organisation

IdeasUK – The UK Association of suggestion Schemes – Yearly conference. Last year (2012) was the 26th annual held conference. For this conference they moved away from the ‘traditional conference workshop’ that they have used in the past to more interactive sessions. There was four sessions running concurrently and delegates were encouraged to drop in and out of each session sharing and learning along the way. The outputs from each session is now displayed and published on the ideasUK blog post conference

IdeasUk Ideas Week, Employee Involvement l Jobandwork.asiaInternational Ideas Week 2013 – What are YOU doing to promote Innovation and Creativity within your organisation? Join IdeasUK during International Ideas Week between 15 – 17 May 2013 which will be themed around Ideas and Innovation. Free events will be held in London and Cardiff

Watch this video by Graham Holt – The Tool Box Webinar – “The idiot’s guide” to setting up a Suggestion Scheme. Scheme Development, Management and Evaluation, including case studies

By Joern Nielsen

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