Japan Human Relation Association (JHRA)  and the Japanese Association of Suggestion Systems have been two of the major organizations who actively promoted the use of effective suggestion schemes. They also held conferences and arranged company visits and field trips to develop and improve employee suggestion systems

There are Three Key Benefits of Suggestion Systems Suggestion systems are a valuable opportunity for worker self-development  as well as for two-way communication in the workshop. Suggestion systems must be able to make employees “Kaizen minded”. They must provide workers an opportunity to speak out with their supervisors and among themselves, and they must provide management with a tool to help workers deal with a problem

Employee Ideas and Suggestions, Kaizen Teian, Japan l Jobandwork.asiaAccording to the Japan Human Relations Association (JHRA), most of the suggestions that have economic impact come from groups, while individual-based suggestions serve as morale boosters and educational experiences

Bunji Tozawa was the President of the HR Association in Japan. He has written 21 books and taught a course on quick and easy kaizen 120 times a year

Video – The Power of Suggestions Ever wonder why your company’s employee suggestion program doesn’t work? This presenter offers some insights into why, contrasting typical American and Japanese programs to help you better understand what it takes to have a truly effective suggestion program that pays dividends for your company.

By Joern Nielsen

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