Campaigns and Events – Workshops, Seminars and Training. Organizations can run specific “campaigns” or “events”, each one tailored to address a specific business objective – such as reducing costs in a division or coming up with new ideas for a particular service or product line. Read more about Employee Idea Process here. Course Objective: A suggestion program or idea management system is what we call a “bottom-up” process – the focus is on actively engaging employees at their place at work and asking them about their problems and issues in a structured way. In the top-down process management has a framework to ask for ideas and strategic issues from their perspective. This is an opportunity to run top-down events and campaigns to involve employees in any initiative top management has in mind. This module will teach you how. Planning campaigns and events: Top-down approach & Bottom-Up approach

13 Innovative Event Ideas That Drive Engagement

13 Innovative Event Ideas That Drive EngagementThe focus on driving engagement and participation online should also be applied to your face-to-face events and experiential marketing. How? With innovative event ideas and formats that encourage real world collaboration and conversation between you and your audience. No doubt; many of us have embraced the new paradigms unleashed by digital marketing on issues like driving engagement, conversation, social business, Person-to-Person and word-of-mouse marketing, as we try to keep up with the changing expectations of our millennial markets. 13 Innovative Event Ideas That Drive Engagement. If you have already signed up to these notions online, it makes more sense than ever to carry those valuable psychological insights into offline marketing campaigns and real world business events. Which in turn create more engagement, legacy and viral content that may feed back into your digital marketing activity.

Who Should Attend

Everyone responsible for developing or enhancing an idea management system (employee suggestion program), including administrators, evaluators, committee members, trainers and managers. Comprehensive materials covered and guides will be useful to those with all levels of experience – from the newcomer, to those seeking to enhance their current system.

By Joern Nielsen

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