Communication Promotion - Employee Idea Systems Communication Promotion Strategy Seminars, Workshops & Training What to Communicate … What to Promote. Effective communication and promotion is essential to the success of the staff suggestion program. It provides the stimulus to maintain employee enthusiasm at a high level

Successful promotions make it fun for your employees to participate, generate enthusiasm for suggestions, and enlist their help in coordinating the program

Course Objective

This module is designed to take you through all the aspects of marketing a suggestion system and covers details like the use of clever campaigns and names to make the program attractive.

Using creativity techniques, we develop novel ways to communicate your program, using examples that have worked for others

Communication Promotion – Program Content

  • Pre-planning & organization
  • Communication, orientation and support of the organization
  • Specific objectives: What’s the goal? Short term, Long Term.
  • Themes as appropriate
  • Promotion, using as many media vehicles as possible
  • Competition between departments or work sites, if appropriate
  • Publication of results and recognition

Who Should Attend

Everyone responsible for developing or enhancing an idea management system (employee suggestion program), including administrators, evaluators, committee members, trainers and managers.

Comprehensive materials covered and guides will be useful to those with all levels of experience – from the newcomer, to those seeking to enhance their current system

By Joern Nielsen

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