Asian Innovation Awards The Wall Street Journal Asia is now accepting entries for the prestigious Asian Innovation Awards 2012. The Asian Innovation Awards are committed to finding the next big ideas in Asia, from entirely new inventions to the advancement of a classic. Entries to The Asian Innovation Awards may come from individuals, small businesses, large corporations or academia in Asia Pacific

If you or your company have developed any innovative ideas in the last 12 months, you won’t want to let this opportunity pass you by. Getting recognition might be all that’s needed to elevate your idea onto the world stage

An independent panel of judges selected by The Wall Street Journal Asia will judge this year’s entries The leading criteria for judging are:

• Level of creativity or degree of innovation
• Quality of execution
• Potential impact on quality of life or productivity

This award recognizes the importance of having a strong business model behind an innovation. That, in turn, ensures a new application makes it to the market where it can benefit a much wider audience

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By Joern Nielsen

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