Kellogg Innovation Network ASEAN On December 12-13, 2012. the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) hosted its KIN ASEAN Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event, co-sponsored by KIN and BP-Castrol, focused on “Building Prosperity through Innovation”  and specifically asked the question of what is in store for the ASEAN region

Professor Robert C. Wolcott of the Kellogg School of Management provided an introduction to KIN ASEAN and gave closing remarks. Speakers was featured from a wide range of entities, including: BP-Castrol, Astra International, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Malaysia, 3M, ASEAN Foundation and the University of Tokyo

KIN Global 2012 From May 30 – June 1, KIN Global convened diverse leaders from business, government, academia and the arts to explore how innovation creates prosperity. KIN Global is at heart a platform for innovation and action, leveraging the visions of our delegates. KIN Global is an invitation-only program ensuring a dynamic, intimate, inspiring environment, with many unexpected outcomes. We thank all our delegates for making KIN Global 2012 the best one yet and look forward to our 10th anniversary in 2013

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