Metrics Measurements - Idea Management ProgramsMetrics Measurement,  Workshops & SeminarsMetrics needs to be credible and relevant A suggestion system is really about participation and communication and we need to measure several areas in order to evaluate and continuously improve a program

  • Impact – the effect of ideas on the bottom line (or towards reaching strategic goals)
  • Quality – the number of ideas which are implemented
  • Quantity – the number of ideas received

Course Objective IMS  (Idea Management System)

Idea management is a complex, dynamic, human process. The best IMS (suggestion system) administrators understand and know this and use indicators as a way of determining whether a program is on track, and to provide direction of what to do next

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Metrics Measurements – Program Content

In this module we’ll teach you the in’s and out of metrics

You’ll learn …

  • Scorecards & metrics
  • Measurement & improvement
  • ROI – Return On Investment
  • Business Plans, Budget
  • Benchmarking

Who Should Attend

Everyone responsible for developing or enhancing an idea management system (employee suggestion program), including administrators, evaluators, committee members, trainers and managers.

Comprehensive materials covered and guides will be useful to those with all levels of experience – from the newcomer, to those seeking to enhance their current system.

By Joern Nielsen

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