Motivation – What makes your staff tick?   It is vital for Asian business to understand what makes staff happy so that their needs, as well as those of the organization, can be met. Motivation is the greatest challenge facing employers in Asia. Many organizations assume that all people are motivated by the same things, but they are (actually) motivated by a whole range of factors

Asian businesses must work harder to challenge its staff, and keep them in touch with its softer side. Aside from the standard benefits, one of the most important factors in keeping staff motivated is to provide them with opportunities to experience the values of the company, and to see how their work makes a tangible difference to their performance

Training and team building exercises are important for staff motivation, but organizations get even more value when they can tailor these programs according to individual staff members. Companies should focus on each individual and put together a training program to develop their personal strengths and focus on areas that might need developing

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