Program Development – Training, Workshops and Seminars. In order for an employee suggestion system (Idea Management program) to be successful there must be robust plans in place setting out objectives, targets and identifying how the program will assist with the delivery of the objectives within the overall strategic business plans. Read more here about  Program Design – Idea System. Course Objective: The objective of the Program Development workshop is to help companies create a comprehensive strategy and business plan. Developing a successful program for generating, evaluating, and implementing employee suggestions requires a systematic approach.

Program Content – Program Development

Program Content - Program Development - Rules and Guidelines Suggestion SystemWe create objectives and legally sound rules and guidelines, assemble a multifunction evaluation team, determine eligibility requirements and awards and recognition levels, obtain management support, develop a framework for idea evaluation, and design the submission form. Program Content – Program Development. Management support. Corporate culture. Objectives. Rules and guidelines. Eligibility. Award structure. Evaluation process. Appeal process. Administration.

Who Should Attend

Everyone responsible for developing or enhancing an idea management system (employee suggestion program), including administrators, evaluators, committee members, trainers and managers. Comprehensive materials covered and guides will be useful to those with all levels of experience – from the newcomer, to those seeking to enhance their current system.

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