Reward Recognition Employee Ideas and InnovationReward Recognition. Training, Workshops & Seminars… Saying THANK YOU !   A very vital element of a successful idea management system is recognizing participants and providing rewards for good ideas.

Employees are much more likely to participate in a suggestion program if the ideas they submit receive quick and thoughtful response from management.

Course Objective.

Studies have shown that over half of the workers in organizations today have said that they receive no recognition for a job well done or outstanding individual accomplishments.

Since the lack of recognition negatively impacts job performance, retention and employee involvement, this module is designed to provide participants with skills to give the kind of recognition others seek.

Reward Recognition – Program Content


You’ll learn …

  • What do we mean by reward
  • What is recognition
  • Why have a recognition program
  • Identify the essentials of recognition
  • Explore issues about employee motivation

Who Should Attend

Everyone responsible for developing or enhancing an idea management system (employee suggestion program), including administrators, evaluators, committee members, trainers and managers.

Comprehensive materials covered and guides will be useful to those with all levels of experience – from the newcomer, to those seeking to enhance their current system.

By Joern Nielsen

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