Brunei Business and Workplace Culture. Brunei information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. Punctuality is not strictly adhered to but advised. Business Cards are conventionally exchanged following handshakes and introductions to everyone present. Each card should be examined and treated carefully as this represents the respect you show your business partners. Meetings are usually preceded by a short prayer and small talk in which business contacts can develop rapport. Bruneians experience difficulty in giving absolute negative responses. Remain attentive to body language, silence, and forms of a non-committal “yes” to indicate displeasure. “Saving Face” is emphasized. Avoid interrupting, showing displeasure through facial or eye movements and talking over someone. Remain patient during negotiations; often decisions are presented to a committee or group before there is a census.

Brunei Business and Workplace Etiquette

Brunei Business Meeting AsiaBrunei Business and Workplace Etiquette. Brunei Business Attire. Men – Proper shirts, tailored pants and matching tie. Women – Conservative blouse, pants or skirt. Often encouraged to wear a headscarf. Women in government wear the national dress of Baju Kurung. Jeans and casual wear are considered a big faux pas (embarrassing). Behavior – Pointing is done with the thumb. It is considered impolite to use the forefinger. – Do not stare as it is considered extremely rude. – Always present and receive items with your right hand. – It is unusual for people to be called by their last names. – When greeting men shake hands, females gentle shake hands or nod in acknowledgment. Bruneians do not shake hands with individuals of the opposite sex unless the female extends her hand first.

Brunei Business and Gift Giving

Brunei Business Gift Giving AsiaBrunei Business Gift Giving. It is not common to give gifts in a business setting as they are generally seen as bribes. However, sometimes after the first meeting, simple gifts are exchanged. – Do not open the gift in front of the other person unless requested. Appropriate Gifts – fruits, chocolates, sweets, a perfume that is not alcohol based. Gifts to Avoid – knives, alcohol and personal gifts, and with white wrapping paper, as it symbolizes death and mourning. – If giving foodstuffs, remain sensitive to the Muslim avoidance of “non-halal” foods and gelatin.

Brunei Business Conversation

Brunei Business Conversations AsiaBrunei Business Communication is formal and respectful. Always defer to age and position.- Group harmony is highly emphasized and one should refrain from an emotionally charged language. – Bruneians often utilize an indirect and rather ambiguous communication style. Do not be frustrated by this cultural characteristic. – Distance, when engaged in conversation, tends to be about an arm’s length away.- Avoid touching a person back or shoulder. It is considered disrespectful to touch someone. if they are not facing you. – Bruneians commonly ask what may be considered intrusive, personal questions. Handle diplomatically. Topics to Discuss: – the history of their country. Topics to Avoid: – gender, religion, alcohol.

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