Indonesia Business and Workplace Culture. Indonesian information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. – Be punctual for business appointments. Indonesians tend to be more flexible regarding time. – Greet with a slight nod of the head and shaking hands (not too firm). Wait for an Indonesian woman to initiate a handshake. Sometimes women will put their hands in front of their chest in a prayer position instead. In this case, it is wise to mirror this action. – Titles are very important. Address your Indonesian counterpart by stating their title or Mr./ Mrs. and their last name. – Indonesians enforce business hierarchy when negotiating, within seating, and when entering a room. Acknowledge the most senior person first (the person leading or in the front, or the eldest).

Indonesia Business and Workplace Etiquette

Indonesia Business Meeting AsiaIndonesia Business and Workplace Etiquette. Indonesia Business Attire – Dress conservatively. Women should cover the knees, elbows, and chest. Limit your use of accessories. Behavior – “Saving face” is an important concept to understand. Causing embarrassment or loss of composure, even unintentionally, can be disastrous for business negotiations. – Indonesians may smile and nod even if they don’t understand something in order to save face. – Always have multiple business cards on hand. – The traditional way of presenting your business card is to use two hands. When receiving a card, take a few moments to read it and then place it on the table or in your card case (not in your pocket!). Never scribble on a business card. – Indonesians prefer indirect eye contact. Direct eye contact may be seen as suspicious and threatening. – Use your right hand to pass or receive an object; the left is considered unclean. – Avoid winking, touching anyone’s head, pointing, or touching your feet.

Indonesia Business and Gift Giving

Indonesia Business Gift Giving AsiaIndonesia Business Gift Giving. Indonesia Gift Giving – – Use discretion when giving a gift; select a gift that is modest. – It is customary when giving the gift to use two hands or your right hand. – Gift-giving etiquette heavily depends on the ethnicity of the receiver. – For the ethnic Chinese, it is polite to refuse a gift before accepting it. Elaborate wrapping is expected, red and gold are preferable. Gifts will be opened in private. – For ethnic Malays/Muslims, gifts should be given with the right hand. Gifts will not be opened when received and alcohol and pork products should be avoided. – For ethnic Indians, gifts should be given with the right hand and wrapped in bright colors for good fortune. Avoid leather products and alcohol. Appropriate Gifts: – something shared such as food, flowers, a gift specific to your own culture, something with your company logo Gifts to Avoid: – alcohol, pork products, toy dogs or pictures of dogs, sharp objects

Indonesia Business Conversation

Indonesia Business Conversations AsiaIndonesia Business Communication – – Indonesian international businessmen/women are likely to speak English. – You may be asked intrusive questions about your marital status, age, and income. Do not respond with irritation, just be nonspecific. – Do not feel the need to speak during a period of silence and avoid interrupting during the conversation. – Indonesians greatly value building personal relationships among the people they do business with. – Speak in a quiet, gentle tone; moreover, remain calm. Topics to Discuss: – current events, family, weather, tourism/ travel, sports, success or future plans of your group organization Topics to Avoid: – Indonesia’s human rights record, bureaucracy, corruption, military influence, religion, personal success

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