Malaysia Business and Workplace Culture. Malaysian information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. –
Since the nation is so ethnically diverse, greetings will change depending on the ethnicity. – Malay women may not shake hands with men. Women do shake hands with other women. Men may also not shake hands with women and may bow instead while placing their hand on their heart. – Many Malays do not have surnames. Instead, men add their father’s name to their own name with the term “bin” (meaning ‘son of’). So Rosli bin Suleiman would be Rosli the son of Suleiman. – The family is considered the center of the social structure. As a result, there is great emphasis on unity, loyalty, and respect for the elderly. – It is important that professional titles (professor, doctor, engineer) and honorific titles are used in business. Malays and Indians use titles with their first name while the Chinese use last names.

Malaysia Business and Workplace Etiquette

Malaysia Business Meeting AsiaMalaysia Business and Workplace Etiquette. Malaysia Business Attire – Men generally wear conservative colored suits with white shirts and ties. Women also dress conservatively in long skirts. -Wearing yellow is a sign of royalty. Behavior – Always use your right hand to give or receive an object. – Beckoning or pointing with a finger is considered rude. – People beckon one another by extending an arm and making a scratching motion with their fingers. -Malaysians tend to favor direct eye contact over indirect. However, they may view overtly direct eye contact as suspicious and threatening. -Females tend to prefer more indirect eye contact when dealing with men. – Amongst friends and close acquaintances of the same sex, there is some touching during a conversation. Avoid touching between men and women while conversing.

Malaysia Business and Gift Giving

Malaysia Business Gift Giving AsiaMalaysia Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Gifts are usually not exchanged at initial business meetings as they can be perceived as a bribe. -Gifts are generally not opened when received. -If given a gift it is customary to reciprocate the gesture with a gift of the same monetary value. Appropriate Gifts: – alcohol-free perfumes or colognes, candies, and sweets Gifts to Avoid: – flowers (given when someone is sick or dies), alcohol, anything made of pork products, toy dogs or pig, clocks, knives or other cutting utensils

Malaysia Business Conversation

Malaysia Business Conversations AsiaMalaysia Business Communication Conversation -Malaysians will avoid using no in answering questions. They tend to say, “maybe”, or “that would be difficult” or even “yes” or “no problem” even if the answer is really no. -Malaysians value relationship building and harmony so avoid hard selling, pressure tactics, and any sort of conflict or confrontation. Saving face is paramount. – Silence is an important element of Malaysian communication. Pausing before responding to a question indicates that they have given the question appropriate thought and considered their response carefully. – Malaysians may laugh at what may appear to outsiders as inappropriate moments. This device is used to conceal uneasiness. Topics to Discuss: family, sports (especially soccer), and social pleasantries Topics to Avoid: politics, religion, and ethnic tension (these could also depend on ethnicity)

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