Philippines Business and Workplace Culture. Philippine information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. – Be punctual for all business appointments. – Address your Philippine counterpart by stating their title or Mr./ Ms. and their last name. Ex: Juan de la Cruz; General Manager Cruz or Mr. Cruz – The customary greeting is to extend a handshake (not too firm or prolonged) with a smile. – Filipinos enforce business hierarchy when negotiating, within seating, and when entering a room. Acknowledge the most senior person first (the person leading or in the front, or the eldest). Behavior – “Saving face” is an important concept to understand. In Filipino business culture, a person’s reputation and social standing rest on this concept. Causing embarrassment or loss of composure, even unintentionally, can be disastrous for business negotiations. – Always have multiple business cards on hand (exchanged in business and non-business situations). Keep coloring and font simple. – The traditional way of presenting your business card is to use two hands (or only your right hand). When receiving others, take a few moments to read it and then place it on the table or in your card case (not in your pocket!). NEVER write on or fold a business card. – Limit your use of hand gestures while talking. Avoid wagging or pointing your finger at someone. -Maintaining eye contact during conversation is good but staring is considered rude. – Standing with your hands placed on your hips indicates anger and displeasure.

Philippines Business and Workplace Etiquette

Philippines Business Meeting AsiaPhilippines Business and Workplace Etiquette. Philippines Business Attire – Dress formally and conservatively; well-tailored business suits are ideal, but a long sleeved shirt paired with a necktie is fine. Men favor dark colors and women light colors. – Traditional Philippine business attire for men is a “barong tagalog”; a lightweight translucent dress shirt worn untucked over an undershirt.

Philippines Business and Gift Giving

Philippines Business Gift Giving AsiaPhilippines Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Use discretion when giving a gift; select a gift that is modest. – Wrap gifts elegantly as presentation is important. There are no color restrictions as to wrapping paper. – Use your right hand when passing over your gift. A large gift should be presented to the entire group, whereas a small gift should be given to everyone present. – The receiver may politely turn down the gift at first but be persistent and they will eventually accept. The gift is not opened in the givers presence. Appropriate Gifts: – items with your company’s logo, something shared such as food, a gift specific to your own culture Gifts to Avoid: – fruits, wine, spirits, personal items, perfume, chrysanthemums and white lilies

Philippines Business Conversation

Philippines Business Conversations AsiaPhilippines Business Communication Conversation – Filipino international businessmen/women are likely to speak Filipino and English. – Begin with small talk to build a relationship before delving into business negotiations. – You may be asked intrusive questions about your marital status, age, and income. Do not respond with irritation, just be nonspecific. – In Filipino culture, ‘Have you eaten?’ is the equivalent to ‘How are you?’ Simply smile and answer ‘yes.’ – Filipinos will rarely answer a question with a blunt ‘no.’ Be aware that a ‘yes’ that sounds hesitant or weak usually means ‘no.’ – Speak in a quiet, gentle tone; moreover, remain calm. Topics to Discuss: – food, weather, travel, arts, the state of the economy, family Topics to Avoid: – race, religion, gossiping, criticizing any aspect of the Philippines.

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