Australia Business and Workplace Culture. Australian information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. – Be punctual, although your Australian counterparts may not. -Australians are accustomed to dealing with strangers and will not deem it necessary to have a small talk prior to negotiations. – To greet; give a firm handshake. It is uncommon for a man or woman to shake a woman’s hand, even in business settings. – Normally, men and women will hug and kiss when greeting. Kiss once on the right cheek. – When addressing others; Mr. and Ms. are most appropriate with their surname following. Using titles is usually considered pretentious and unnecessary. – Business cards are always important to have but Australians do not fuss about them. Hand your card using one hand and when receiving, lay theirs on the table in front of you.

Australia Business and Workplace Etiquette

Australia Business Meeting AsiaAustralia Business and Workplace Etiquette. Australia Business Attire – Men– standard business dress code; a black or navy suit, white shirt, and a tie. -Women- conservative; skirt or trouser suit with a white blouse. -Australians are tolerant of other cultures and accept others who wear their cultural or religious dress. Behavior -Personal space is valued, so stand an arms length apart. Also, do not pat, slap, or hug other men in public. -Making a ‘V” with your pointer and middle finger, and holding it palm outwards is considered vulgar and rude. – Remember: be friendly, relaxed, and unpretentious.

Australia Business and Gift Giving

Australia Business Gift Giving AsiaAustralia Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – -Gift giving is uncommon within Australian business culture, but is becoming more popular. -Australians give gifts when they close a deal to show good faith. -It is a nice gesture to send greeting cards or thank-you cards after the visit. Appropriate Gifts: -Gifts related to the person’s business or hobbies are appropriate. – Gifts unique to a particular region of your home country are appreciated. – Pens, business diaries, and mementos with company logos. Gifts to Avoid -Do not give expensive gifts, as they could be perceived as a bribe. Your thoughtful choice is considered more important than the actual cost of the gift.

Australia Business Conversation

Australia Business Conversations AsiaAustralia Business Communication Conversation -Australians are down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, and enthusiastic. -English is the official language but they do carry a slight accent and use colloquial speech. -Don’t be surprised if you encounter a debate with your Australian business partners; they find it entertaining to have an opinionated conversation. -Pauses in conversation will cause a feeling of discomfort for an Australian. – Avoid being boastful about your accomplishments; gaining respect through actions will leave a greater impression. – If you need clarification on something said, do not hesitate to ask an Australian what he/she means. -It is polite to maintain eye-contact when communicating. -Common Australian Expressions: ‘flat out’= really busy ‘How ya goin?’= How are you? ‘Fair dinkum’= honesty, truth ‘mate’= friend Topics to Discuss: -Weather, sports (particularly Australian Football AFL in Victoria, and National Rugby League NRL in New South Wales and Queensland Topics to Avoid: -Religion, politics, sex, criticisms of Australian culture and lifestyle, migration and aboriginal issues in Australia

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