China Business and Workplace Culture. Chinese information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. – Be punctual, but if running late, make a call to let someone know you will be late; the Chinese will be very understanding. – Address the Chinese by stating their title and last name. (If you do not know the person’s title use Ms. or Mr.) Ex: General Manager Yang – Greet with a slight nod of the head and shaking hands. – Chinese enforce business hierarchy when negotiating, within seating, and when entering a room. Acknowledge the most senior person first (the person leading or in the front). – The Chinese prefer to do business over dinner. Dining etiquette: avoid discussing business at dinner unless your Chinese counterpart initiates it. Try everything that is offered to you, but do not clean your plate. Splitting bills is unheard of in China, the host pays.

China Business and Workplace Etiquette

China Business Meeting AsiaChina Business and Workplace Etiquette. China Business Attire – Men: suit and tie, stick to subdued colors. – Women: dress conservatively; long skirts (past the knee) and tops with a high neckline. Avoid wearing bright colors. Footwear should not be high, choose flats or kitten heels. Behavior – In Chinese business culture, a person’s reputation and social standing rest on the concept of “Saving face.” Causing embarrassment or loss of composure, even unintentionally, can be disastrous for business negotiations. – Always have multiple business cards on hand. Keep color and font simple. – The traditional way of presenting your business card is to use two hands. When receiving, take a few moments to read it and then place it on the table or in your card case (not in your pocket)! – Avoid physical contact with your Chinese business partner, as this may cause discomfort. Limit your use of hand gestures while talking. – Use your whole hand when pointing to something.

China Business and Gift Giving

China Business Gift Giving AsiaChina Business Gift Giving. – Gift giving is widely accepted within Chinese business culture. Use discretion when giving a gift. – Select a modest gift. Its value equals the degree of closeness. – It is customary to present the gift using two hands. Gifts are not opened in the givers’ presence. – Colors in Chinese culture have symbolic meanings, so be cautious. It is best to wrap your gift in red (to signify luck) pink, yellow or gold. – Avoid odd numbers, pairs are better. If you give wine, give two bottles. Appropriate Gifts: – Something shared such as food, a gift specific to your own culture, fine liqueur, solar calculators, stamps Gifts to Avoid: – Clocks, fans, green hats, items in amounts of 4, sharp objects, a red ink pen, handkerchiefs.

China Business Conversation

China Business Conversations AsiaChina Business Communication – Mandarin and Cantonese are the languages spoken in China. Your Chinese business partner may bring along an interpreter. – Negative replies are considered impolite. Instead of using “No,” try “Maybe” and work out specifics at a later time. – You may be asked intrusive questions about your marital status, age, and income. Do not respond with irritation, just be nonspecific. – The Chinese rely on facial expression, the tone of voice and posture to tell them what someone feels. – Mandarin Chinese: “Ni Hao”[ní hǎo]= Hello “Xie Xie” [xiè xiè] = Thank you “Zai Jian” [zài jiàn] =Goodbye “Gan Bei” [gān bēi]= Cheers (Toast) Topics to Discuss: – Chinese landmarks, your travels in other countries, Chinese Art Topics to Avoid: – Taiwan, using the terms ‘Red China,’ ‘Mainland China,’ and ‘Communist China’ or ‘Comrade.’

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