Hong Kong Business and Workplace Culture. H.K. information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. -The Hong Kong Chinese handshake is rather light. -During the greeting, many Hong Kong Chinese lower their eyes as a sign of respect. There is no need for you to emulate this gesture, although prolonged eye contact should be avoided during the greeting. -Some Chinese adopt more western names and may ask you to call them by that name. -When you first meet, expect a fair amount of small talk. Your Hong Kong colleagues will want to get to know you well enough that they are comfortable working with you. -When meeting your Hong Kong business associates, allow the most senior person in your delegation to lead the group and be introduced first. -Business cards are exchanged after the initial introductions. Give your card with two hands, with the typeface face up.

Hong Kong Business and Workplace Etiquette

Hong Kong Business Meeting AsiaHong Kong Business and Workplace Etiquette. Hong Kong Business Attire -They will always be dressed very formally. -Men will wear conservatively with dark blue or black suits. -Women also wear dark suits with few accessories. – Avoid wearing white as it is synonymous with death. Behavior -The Hong Kong Chinese are generally sophisticated and cosmopolitan. They are very comfortable with foreigners. -If someone sucks air through his/her teeth while you are speaking, it means that they are unhappy with what you have just said. If at all possible, try to re-state your position or modify your request. -In general, business people are non-confrontational and will never overtly say no, so that they do not embarrass the other person. -Avoid losing your temper or you will lose face and damage your relationship.

Hong Kong Business and Gift Giving

Hong Kong Business Gift Giving AsiaHong Kong Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Always use both hands when giving and receiving a gift. -Gifts are not opened when received, nor are they opened in front of the giver. -Always refuse a gift several times before accepting it. If a gift is accepted right away, it can be seen as being greedy. Appropriate Gifts: teas from your home country or paintings; anything red or wrapped in red Gifts to Avoid: clocks, items in groups or four, anything with lots of white and blue, knives.

Hong Kong Business Conversation

Hong Kong Business Conversations AsiaHong Kong Business Communication. Conversation -As in many Asian cultures, silence is a form of communication. -Resist the urge to jump into the conversation if your Hong Kong business colleague remains silent for a minute. -Do not be surprised if you are asked questions that might be considered extremely personal in your home country. -Do not use high-pressure tactics. You might be out-maneuvered. -Hong Kong Chinese are direct communicators, although they also make use of non-verbal communication. -Decisions are reached slowly, however they are made significantly faster than in most Asian countries. Topics to Discuss: business topics such as the Asian stock market, sports (especially the Olympics held in China) Topics to Avoid: Criticizing the government (both Hong Kong and mainland China), anything that may embarrass your colleague

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