India Business and Workplace Culture. Indian information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. – Arrange meetings in advance and confirm the date and time prior to the meeting. – Be punctual, although Indians tend to be casual with their time commitments. – ‘Power breakfasts’ and luncheons have become a popular meeting format within Indian businesses. – Rise to greet your Indian business partner as they enter the room to show respect. – To greet; position your hands palm-to-palm, recite ‘Namaste’ [nahmas-tay], with a slight bow. – When meeting in your office, It is a nice gesture to offer refreshments. When meeting at their offices, you will most probably be offered tea or coffee also. Note: it is considered polite to initially reject the offer and accept the second or third time they offer it.- – Do not be surprised if, during your meeting, there are digressions in conversation. – Always have multiple business cards on hand (exchanged in business and non-business situations) – Building a relationship is usually a prerequisite to doing business, and disregarding this may be seen as rude. – It may be a good idea to go through a third party introduction. This gives you immediate credibility. – Most Indians expect concessions in both price and terms. It is acceptable to expect concessions in return. – Never appear overly legalistic during negotiations. In general, Indians do not trust the legal system; a trusted person’s word is sufficient to reach an agreement.

India Business and Workplace Etiquette

India Business Meeting AsiaIndia Business and Workplace Etiquette. India Business Attire – Men– suit and tie. Women– dress conservatively; suits, dresses, and tops with a high neckline. – Casual wear is appropriate if you are attending a social gathering. – Traditional Indian clothing includes the kurta-pajama suit for men and sari or salwar-suit for women. Behavior – Indian society is conservative. In the business arena, men generally will not hug or have any physical contact with women. Handshakes are most appropriate when greeting others from the opposite sex. – Indians consider feet as unclean. Point your feet away from others. – Allow women and guests to proceed before self.

India Business and Gift Giving

India Business Gift Giving AsiaIndia Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Gift giving in India is customary, however generally not expected at the first meeting. – Choose a gift that is not too expensive. If the gift is expensive it may cause embarrassment to the Indian recipient because they will wish to reciprocate in kind. – Yellow, green, royal blue and red are lucky colors, so try to use them to wrap gifts. – Gifts are not normally opened in front of the giver. Acceptable Gifts: – chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, or a gift that is representative of your culture Gifts to Avoid: – jewelry, leather items for Hindus, alcohol or pigskin items for Muslims, frangipani or white flowers

India Business Conversation

India Business Conversations AsiaIndia Business Communication Conversation – English and Hindi are the official and dominant languages used for national, political, and commercial communication. – It is not considered impolite to ask an Indian person to slowly repeat what they’ve said. – Begin with small talk with a variety of topics. Indians tend to be very open. – Be indirect when discussing disagreements; i.e. “We can discuss this matter more at a later time,” etc. Topics to Discuss: cricket, food, culture, music, and film (India produces the largest number of films annually in the world) Topics to Avoid: religious beliefs, Indian’s unstable relationship with Pakistan, and their nation’s existing poverty issues

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