New Zealand Business and Workplace Culture. N.Z. information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. -Be punctual or evenly early for all appointments; New Zealanders greatly value being on time. -To greet; give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. -When addressing others; use their title and/or Mr., and Ms. their surname following. (Note: a Kiwi is a New Zealander) -Business cards are always important to have on hand. Hand your card using one hand and when receiving, lay their card on the table in front of you. -Wealth and social status are unimportant to Kiwis; they pride themselves more on individual achievement. -New Zealanders tend to be slightly reserved until friendly relationships are established, then they will be more outgoing and sociable. Expect small talk before the beginning of negotiations. -Demonstrate the benefits of your services or products rather than talking about them -Start your negotiations with a realistic figure. Since this is not a bargaining culture.

New Zealand Business and Workplace Etiquette

New Zealand Business Meeting AsiaNew Zealand Business and Workplace Etiquette. New Zealand Business Attire -Men– standard business dress code; a black or navy suit, white shirt, and a tie. -Women-conservative; skirt or trouser suit with a white blouse. Behavior -Making a ‘V” with your pointer and middle finger, and holding it palm outwards is considered vulgar and rude. -Cover your mouth if you must yawn, and do not chew gum or use toothpicks in public. -Remember: be friendly, relaxed, and unpretentious.

New Zealand Business and Gift Giving

New Zealand Business Gift Giving AsiaNew Zealand Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving -Gift giving is uncommon within the New Zealand business culture. It is a nice gesture to send greeting cards or thank-you cards after the visit. -Gifts are, however, given at holidays or after a negotiation. -If you choose to buy a gift; make sure it is modest and not too costly. -Expect the gift to be opened when received. Appropriate Gifts: -A gift, such as a book, relating to your own country/city, chocolates or flowers Gifts to Avoid: -Anything very expensive which can embarrass the recipient and be viewed as a bribe.

New Zealand Business Conversation

New Zealand Business Conversations AsiaNew Zealand Business Communication – English is the official language but Kiwis do carry a slight accent and use colloquial speech. – New Zealanders are down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, enthusiastic, and hospitality orientated. Remain relaxed and reserved. – Do not be surprised if you encounter a debate with your New Zealand business partners; they find it entertaining to have the opinionated conversation. – Pauses in conversation will cause a feeling of discomfort for a New Zealander. – Avoid being boastful about your accomplishments; gaining respect through actions will leave a greater impression. – If you need clarification on something said, do not hesitate to ask a NewZealander what he/she means. – It is polite to maintain eye-contact when communicating and all for personal space. – New Zealanders greatly value honesty, therefore it is wise to be straightforward and direct in a polite manner. Topics to Discuss: – Weather, sports, politics, New Zealand’s “nuclear-free” zone, the geography of New Zealand Topics to Avoid: – Religion, politics, sex, comparing/contrasting New Zealand to Australia

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